How to Make Big Decisions

By Nikhil Mahadea

Most of us make big decisions a couple times a year. Whether it’s making a large purchase, changing jobs, deciding to continue a relationship. But, how many of us have a process for making those big decisions?


Most of us do some of the steps below unconsciously, especially steps 2 and 3. But, we miss a very large chunk. And when it comes to big decisions that large chunk is very important.

8 Steps To Making A Big Decisions

Step 1: Write: Get a piece of paper. Important or difficult decisions are made on paper. Else, you’ll go into a loop: “What if I do that, what if I do this.” So, write down the situation.

Step 2: Be clear: What you want? Why you want it? What’s your vision?

Step 3: Evaluate: What are your constraints? What are the upsides and downsides?

Step 4: Mitigate: Is there any way to reduce the downside?

Step 5: Resources: What are your resources? Who has dealt with this problem before? Go ask them for help.

Step 6: Visualize: Visualize what will happen if you make each decision. How would you feel? What are the results? What is the probability your decision will work out?

Step 7: Values: What values are you supporting when making this decision? Are those values part of your life plan?

Step 8: Resolve: Refine and make the decision.


Decisions are made based on probability, not certainty. You’ll never have full certainty. The best strategy is to make a decision as soon as possible and to correct, change and adapt as you receive new information. Remember, planes are off-course 99% of the time.

Note: Nikhil’s guest post was printed here with his permission.




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