Is Entrepreneurship Learned or Something That Some People Inherited

By Theophilus Yashid

Are you cut-out for Entrepreneurship?

Virtually, each country you visit today almost half of the populace see themselves as potential entrepreneurs, as a result of this mind model individuals from all fields of endeavor crave for the day that they can start a new venture and successfully metamorphose it into a million dollar company. The new age entrepreneurship spirit has awakened, gradually making waves into our environment, not as a field of academic study but as a way of life and survival. With the sudden increased and ostensibly dominance of entrepreneurs globally comes the long age-question: is entrepreneurship learned or something inherited by some people?


Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

The reality is, some individuals are hard-wired with certain genetic characteristics or attributes that makes them more suitable to certain occupation and task. For instance, the genetic attributes of an individual who become a basketball player or a soldier might differ from that of an individual who becomes a medical doctor or social worker, hence, a person genetic characteristic is likely to shapes or mold what he or she become in lifeThe bone of contention then should not be whether an individual genetic characteristic has a part to play on whether he or she becomes an entrepreneur. But, rather the degree or extent to which those characteristic defines an individual career path.


Divisive, the modern world, especially Americans harbored the idea that through hard work, training, education and drive one can achieved virtually anything in life. Such believed call to question the entrepreneurial academia as an institution and bring forth the specter of some colleges taking DNA test of sort in other to ascertain student’s capabilities to undertake certain courses or not. I want to think that we are likely to see a new version of entrepreneurs schooling any time soon, both in colleges and our immediate environment. If the above turns out to be the case, do students in colleges need to labored through years of endless studies to become entrepreneurs? Or will some few courses and ethics be enough.



Apparently, in this modern world, many individuals have come to the realization that one does not need an MBA degree to be a successful entrepreneur. The most widely used example for instance, is the fact that neither Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg actually graduated from Harvard University to further elucidate my argument, both of them took computer science and mathematics courses instead of business related courses. So, where did they get those attributes that propelled them to commercial success?


Now, to the crucial issue at hand… Can entrepreneurship be learned? My answer is yes, although limited to a certain extent. The ability and willingness to take risk is a key requirement in entrepreneurship, teaching individuals to take risk can be very tasking due to the perception of some individual towards risks. But, however, according to findings, it is possible to teach an educated and intelligent being to evaluate and accurately deal with risk more intelligently.

In conclusion, a professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College in Wellesley, Julian Lange, His research in the past years has indicates that training can have a huge impact on student performance even if they are not born entrepreneurs. However, James V. Koch a professor of economics at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia argues that many entrepreneurs simply inherited the skill, which gives them advantage over others. What do you think?

Theophilus post is printed here with his permission.


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