How To Develop A Daily Writing Schedule That Gets Results


A Writing Schedule You Can Embrace

Well, as writers we often get to that point when writing becomes a choir, perhaps burdensome, as well as less adventurous.  So if you’re like me, I guess you will be looking for alternative means to spice up your writing career. Simply put, as a writer, there are days where you have to deal with crazy schedules like unending school activities and busy weekends where you have to stock up provisions by going shopping, etc. A lot of times, I feel guilty not penning down anything in a whole day.

If your like me you sometimes loathe the fact that you haven’t been creative enough or you are beginning to lose interest in writing. In that event, the following writing schedules might be the spark you are looking for:

Create a Retreat

This point might sound like a no-brainer, but I bet you, this is your best bet to resuscitating your writing career. For me, I consider writing very sacred and highly personal. Like it or not, the secret of most good writers lies in their ability to select the perfect serene and tranquil environment that brings their creativity alive. You too can tap into this sacred truth by creating a writing retreat that works best for you. Go all out and find that location that inspires you to write till your pen bleeds dries. I can’t decide for you, but for me, the little corner of my bedroom is my perfect retreat getaway when I want to write some mind-blowing masterpiece.

Make up your mind to write two hours daily

Although, this might not be such an easy task altogether, owing to the reality of our busy and chaotic daily schedule, but hey, where there is a will, there is a way. As such you must put this writing schedules among your list of daily to-dos. Make up your mind to write for at least two hours daily. At first, it may be daunting, but as time goes on, your mind and body get in sync with this routine. The trick to making this writing schedule a part of your daily routine, is to be dogmatic and consistent about it.

Write when you’re hot

Even though writing daily may seem like the perfect pre-writing schedule every writer should inculcate, after all, practice they say, makes perfect. However, cut yourself some slack, writing daily may not be the thing for everybody. Therefore, you must learn to follow your instinct. Write when you are ready and most comfortable. For me, writing comes alive in the middle of the night, because that’s when I feel the adrenaline rush to scribble down the thought running through my mind. Again, I can’t choose for you; only you can determine what works just for you.

Organize Your Week

Truth be told, as good a writer that you may be, there are times when you have to deal with the bitter realities of life, days where you have to attend to one responsibility or the other. Trust me; these responsibilities are bound to clog up your week, leaving you drained. Finding time to write in the midst of these chaotic schedules may be daunting if not impossible altogether. Nonetheless, you must make things happen if you want your writing dreams to come to reality.

How do you that? Simple, get your life into order by eliminating weekly task that might not be so important. For me, I cut down on the hours I spend on social media or other meaningless blogs that are not adding to my creativity. Simply put, get your act together by getting your priorities sorted out. Rid your to-do list of some unnecessary frivolities that don’t add up to your creativity.

Use a Playlist

This pre-writing schedule seems to work for any writer. Whether you are a business writer, a creative writer or a writer involved in copywriting, using a playlist while drafting down your ideas is reputed to unravel the creativity hidden deep within you. I have a lot of friends who believe so much in this pre-writing schedule. To master this schedule, you will need to come up with a playlist of your most inspiring songs, songs that will last for the period of your writings. You may not know it; music might just be that spark you are looking for to write that masterpiece, buried within the hearts of your imagination. Do this often and see where it gets you!

Keep daily records of event

Well as a writer, you must always look out for strings of events that are capable of spurring you on in your quest to developing a regular writing habit. Record daily happenings by scribbling down details of daily happenings. If you haven’t been doing this, then I suggest you make this your daily habit as a writer. A carefully written note regarding an accident, a brawl or an event at an amusement park may one day give you the big story break you have always thought of. To effectively nail this, you can either use a real notepad to record this event or try out programs like Evernote, Scrivener, or Onenote.

Work in your head

The bulk of creativity as a writer starts right inside your head. Hence, you must learn to work and imagine things inside your head. Allow your imagination string up series of mind-blowing events that are worthy enough to be written. Notwithstanding, you must ensure that you record your ideas in a more realistic form like writing them down in your notebook.

Read for inspiration

While I agree that most writers are voracious readers, today’s writers must break the status quo when they are in need of refreshing ideas that would help them as writers. Learn to surround yourself with other people’s books; this would help you draw inspiration and hopefully spur you to your next big story. As always, I might not be able to recommend one for you, because our taste for books varies, but then make do with books that best inspires you.


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