How A Start Up Can Validate a Business Idea

By Internet Assault Staff

In the television industry networks conduct a pilot show to validate an unproven program or sitcom.

It goes like this. A network will air a pilot (first show) and determine if viewers liked or disliked the show. The networks then review the data it received and gauge viewer acceptability. If a pilot shows promise by viewers then more shows will likely be produced.

However, if a pilot is not accepted by the viewers, the show may quickly suspend production to stop from wasting money on a failed bet.

Now just because a pilot might do well, it does not mean that it will survive. Look, your no different from me, in the sense that, we’ve seen pilots come and go more than we have seen succeed.


Validate your Start Up!
How A Start Up Can Validate a Business Idea!!

Essentially, a pilot is a way for the networks to hedge their bets.

And that’s EXACTLY what you must do if your a new start up.

If it works in hollywood can it work for you?

Yes. A pilot can work for any start up and in any niche. The irony here, is that a pilot program is the exact opposite of what we’re taught. The days from startup to market, which required a ton of time and cash, not mention the risk involved, are now over. GONE!

Instead of going through all that, your going to test your “whatever” and get results before moving your start up forward. Take years off your life and find out beforehand what works and what doesn’t.


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The 5 Key Steps to Validate Your Start Up

A pilot has five steps that in succession will help you validate your business idea:

1) Potential: Is your business making money? Or, is your blog making progress? If so great! If not… This probably means you need to stop and reset immediately. It’s time to rethink your plan and prepare to do something else. Note: It’s recommended that you give your pilot several weeks to hopefully gain traction.

2) Promising: You have seen enough that you want to move on.

3) Acceptance: At this point you have something right that’s working. Bravo!

4) Push: This is the time begin a strategy of being omnipresent.

5) Lead on: You’ve made it and things look good. Nice job!

Advantages of a Pilot

1) Time saved
2) Expense
3) Knowledge (the pilot tells you more about your customers)
4) Quick feedback
5) Validate assumptions

Who benefits from a pilot?

Here are just a few who can benefit:

1) Writers
2) Bloggers
3) Course Creators
4) Product testers
5) Inventors
6) Salesman, etc…

Other niches that a pilot can work is cooking, yoga, meditation, outdoors, home & garden, video marketing, and home renovations. Just to name a few and help you get started. So what do you think?

Is a pilot right for you?

We’ love to hear what you’re doing. Drop us a comment below.



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