4 Fresh ideas to work for yourself in 12 months

You know what I’m tired of hearing? ‘I work for my boss,’ and that is why I advocate that you should work for yourself in 12 months.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

The dream of being an entrepreneur has never been easier if you’re cut out for it. I’m often asked questions like, “what should I be doing to get started?”  “Should I be researching business ideas?” “Should I be writing a business plan?” “What niche should I jump into?” All of these questions are valid, however… Start … Read more

Is Entrepreneurship Learned or Something That Some People Inherited

By Theophilus Yashid Are you cut-out for Entrepreneurship? Virtually, each country you visit today almost half of the populace see themselves as potential entrepreneurs, as a result of this mind model individuals from all fields of endeavor crave for the day that they can start a new venture and successfully metamorphose it into a million … Read more

How A Start Up Can Validate a Business Idea

By Internet Assault Staff In the television industry networks conduct a pilot show to validate an unproven program or sitcom. It goes like this. A network will air a pilot (first show) and determine if viewers liked or disliked the show. The networks then review the data it received and gauge viewer acceptability. If a pilot … Read more

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