6 Quick Must-Have Blogging Tips To Create An Incredible Blog Post

Creating a blog people want to read takes an incredible amount of work. The successful execution of an incredible blog post requires a prospective blogger to conquer a significant learning curve. As a result, bloggers search for blogging tips that can help them accrue skills, develop a strategy, and create content while wearing many hats just to maintain a website. In addition, a blogger needs to establish a framework to follow using key components necessary to attract readers.

6 Quick Must-Have Blogging Tips To Create An Incredible Blog Post

Learning is perpetual because things are changing so fast. A blogger must constantly be learning just like in any other field. As I stated earlier, blogging has a wide and challenging learning curve, and if you start blogging you’ll understand – quickly! So to get the learning curve to trend upwards here are six blogging tips to start writing super-duper blog posts.


The 6 Blogging Tips Crucial to a Blog Post

1. Compose eye-getting titles and features: If you hope to get readers to take notice of your blog post you must first captivate readers with a strong title and headline. Also, be sure to make both priority-one by spending an adequate amount of time creating an engaging lead that puts a spotlight on your topic.

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Blogging tips
Offer titles & headlines to set the scene.


2. Swing… batter!: Nobody is going to read your blog unless you can motivate them to do so. Delivering interest by means of extraordinary headlines and titles is a proven method to get readers to your article but blogging is the first start, but delivering amazing posts is the heartbeat to blogging. First, visit Google Adwords or our personal favorite, Jaxxy.com, to uncover a keyword(s) for content creation. Basically, the keyword is a word or phrase you have chosen to write about (Note: pick a different keyword for each post) so you achieve the goal of ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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blogging tips
Surpass the readers expectation with amazing posts!


3. Utilize images: Conveying enthusiasm by method of unique and intelligent images is an ideal approach to attract readers, as well as, coupled with text to give readers an idea about the article. Not every person is visually drawn to an image, but for those that are, a captivating picture is a powerful vamp to attract more attention to your blog.

blogging tips
Standout with clean & unforgettable images.


4. Devise a proper blog post layout: What you present to your audience is what they will remember forever. That’s the reason why your layout is imperative and a function of a great post. Generally, a design that is inconspicuous yet has style and simple to follow works fine. Furthermore, make it a precursor to dependably upgrade the readers experience by attempting to go well beyond what they would anticipate.

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blogging tips
Create a design that’s simple.


5. Social media network friendly: At some point in time, with consistent hard work and time, something in your blog that forces a reader to your post ought to happen. Fortunately, there are few approaches to promote your blog entries better than social media bringing increased blog traffic your blog posts, as well as, sharing, reader interaction (use call-to-action).

blogging tips
Stick to a strategy of posting on social media.


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6. Voice /  Share your enthusiasm / passion: The logic behind your website is to share with others your passion with relevant information, news, and opinions. When readers come to your blog they expect authenticity that matches the quality of your blog content. In addition, I can’t stress this enough, be yourself so you’re different from others (mostly your competitors) because originality can take you places.

blogging tips
Focus on originality but mostly be you!

7. Videos: More than a few internet gurus have made millions with video posts. Thanks to Youtube.com anyone post videos on anything they want. For new bloggers starting out, LEARN to videotape so you can post them to your website and other mediums available. Since posting videos is such a big part of blogging, take full advantage of this format for stuff like how-to’s, instructional courses, or to promote a product you might be selling. The video below is from WordPress and is a good example of what to do.



As difficult as it things may sound, it's not impossible to get people to your blog if you follow the strategy above and consistently apply it to your blog.

Now the learning curve takes time (Did I mention that before? Yup.) and from time to time you'll lose your ---t! It's only natural. However, like anything that's worth doing, it takes time.

Finally, we've made this post simple to follow for those who want simple blogging tips they can immediately start. Best to you and your blog!

Print these six must-have blogging tips and use them as needed.


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