How to ‘Hit It Out’ Of the Park Blogging About Sports

By Internet Assault Staff on October 12th 2016 Blogging About Sports

​Knowing how to make money blogging about sports can open up new worlds to sports fanatic. Blogging to nearly any sports market with a goal of becoming a legit online resource, and a passion dedicated to whatever direction you choose, is enticing to if you're crazy about sports and a way to make loads of potential to produce a sustainable income.

Plus, it's something that you can enjoy doing, too. Learning how to do this is not difficult, but it does take some time and dedication to get right.

Find Your Niche

Everyone talks about finding a niche. The reasoning is simple – it gives you a topic. However, it is not as simple or as basic as it seems. Finding a niche is overstated! The truth is, if you blog about what you want to blog about, you will find your niche on your own. Go with what you know and what you know can produce content.

​Commentary: Spending time picking a niche is not necessary. All you need to know is your competition and what they do (good and bad) and that's it. Take a look a these two things and take a snapshot in your mind of what stands out. Now... get started!

Knowing your passion and the thing that makes you want to blog will help immensely. Remember, a blog is not just a thing you do on the side. Treat it as you would a business, but approach it with passion and care. Choosing something that you can continually talk about, that you can share information about, will help you become a better blogger too. People will grab on to your content and you are more likely to stick with it.

So Many Options

Of course, you may feel lost when approaching this with no experience. Those who lack experience in blogging might not know where to start, leading to confusion and stress as you try to find a good fit. With sports, luckily, that isn't a problem, because there are endless opportunities to choose from.

Here are some blogging ideas:

* NFL Draft
* College Football
* Soccer
* Tennis
* Skiing
* Golf
* Cricket
* Bowling, etc.

These are a ton of options that you have available to you.

For example, let's just say you want blog about the NFL because you love football. Great! Now, start blogging about the NFL. and cover it from a general standpoint, going into everything from games, trades, fantasy to players.

You can also go into greater depth and have your blog focus on a specific topic, like certain teams or areas of football. You can do this with the NFL draft and with college football, too. With how big this sport is in America, there is always an audience looking to talk and read about it.

When you get right down to it, it's all about finding what sparks an interest in you. From there, the options are nearly unlimited.

​What sport would like to blog about?

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