4 Fresh ideas to work for yourself in 12 months

You know what I’m tired of hearing? ‘I work for my boss,’ and that is why I advocate that you should work for yourself in 12 months. Picture this; a scenario where you have to work tirelessly for your employer and end up receiving a meager salary, while your friend who started the same job with you at the same time is already a boss. I know the feeling, but you don’t just become a manager, you need some work for yourself ideas to become your own boss in 12 months. Below are some ideas that will surely be of help to you if you’ve just decided to ditch your current job.

Work for yourself in 12 monthsBe optimistic and determined to work for yourself in 12 months

It may be hard to set up a successful business in a short while without clearly stating your priority. Cut down your ego while being confident and be sure to bear the risks that may come up. Although any business venture hones its focus on making profits and more number of clients, there should be room to admit loss if it comes.  Put a check on your frivolities and ensure that you know how to control wealth.

Get close to employers and know what is involved

You can become your own boss in 6 months when you get close to employers in other sectors and firms professionally. Confide in them and let them know your baby ideas, they will help to put you on the right track and give you details of certain things. Seek for a few minutes conversation with entrepreneurs who are doing well and get every possible bit of information from such people. For what it’s worth, do not meet any entrepreneur. Sometimes, you can also attend seminars and networking events to know the ideas behind successful bosses.

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Do not focus mainly on partnership

If you must work for yourself in 12 months, then you may need little or no partnership for a start. Before you opt for this option, evaluate if what you are about to venture into requires a partner, if no, then do away with such idea. A close friend may appear to be a great partner at the initial time, but slacks off along the line. Have a goal and only go for meaningful connection and partnership that will lead to the accomplishment of such goal.

Take it step by step

When you have discerned to become your own boss in 12 months and must have gathered relevant information, you need to take everything one step at a time. Get your capital ready, get a business name depending on the size of the firm and what you offer, go for the legalization of the enterprise as well other necessary legal steps. Set up your business and opt for publicity. Whether you render services or sell goods, you should aim at giving the masses top-notch and quality solution to their needs, then the profit comes. However, it may impress you to know that the early stage may not be very easy but with persistence and more work you will get over it.

Being a boss is what everyone dreams, but you have to redirect your steps and strive to ensure that you work for yourself in 12 months.


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