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About Internet Assault: Source for content, business, blogging, marketing, and social media.

Welcome to InternetAssault.com – the source for intelligent content in the areas of business, blogging, marketing, and social media.

Internet Assault’s aim is to give readers proven strategies that work. So whether you’re a blogger, an existing business or a new startup searching for a place to start your journey, we’re here to help you succeed.

Start a Blog

One of the most important things to do when starting a blog is to have a purpose (niche). Successful bloggers share with others their passion and if done right can lead to great things. Subsequently, a blog that is passion-focused, well-thought out and aligns with your goal, is a recipe for future success. Luckily, the internet awards the doers who are willing to work hard, persevere, and show patience.

A winning blog starts with an unwavering goal of sharing knowledge to those that want to learn.

Internet Assault will be here to guide you so that you succeed.

We have a lot to share with you, but for now, its your turn to take the next step.

We’re so pleased and thrilled that you’re here as well as grateful for your time.

Thank you,

P.J. Dodge

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