Do It Yourself Copywriting – How to Write Engaging Sales Copy!

If the past is any indication of the future the vast majority of new businesses will fizzle out for various reasons within four or five years of opening their doors. In fact, nine out of ten new businesses will crash and burn as a result of poor leadership, lack of business experience, but most of all because they simply run out of cash.

Another reason so many businesses fail begins with a lack of exposure. Consequently, without a clear marketing plan (which is often overlooked), businesses risk a fate all to common in business – going out of business.

So with so many obstacles facing entrepreneurs what does one do?

It’s pretty simple. Learn how to communicate better!

So what am I talking about?


Yes… copywriting. But why?

Next to a lack of capital, the cold hard truth is that most businesses forget the important role copywriting plays to their survival. Perhaps it’s because they don’t understand it so why the heck care.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the use of words to sell products or services. It’s the job of a copywriter to craft a message (copy) aimed to seduce a reader (target market) to buy (goal). A seasoned copywriter can influence a prospective buyer’s decision with just a few words. It’s the hope of the client who has hired a copywriter that the copy created results in sales.


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The 7 reasons why you should do your own copywriting

1) YOU know your business! Seriously, who is more qualified to communicate to potential customers other than you?  value propositions in a clear, concise and compelling fashion.

2) YOU can educate potential buyers better than most!

3) YOU increase traffic and sales.

4) YOU save money! A lot of it.

5) YOU create copy that benefits your customers in a clear, concise, and compelling fashion.

6) YOU develop a skill for life.

7) YOU crush the competition!

You have to admit that the list above points out the clear benefits to business success.

But you do have to take the first step… and that’s were we come in.


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Do it yourself…

As I stated earlier you don’t need to be a professional copywriter or need to spend a ton of money to write effective copy.

That’s right! If you’re willing to take a half hour you can learn copywriting.

The three formulas below are to be used to fit your copywriting purpose or goals. In each formula we dissect and explain the sentence structure and the components you need to follow.

We then follow each of the formulas with examples for you to see and emulate in your own copy. Each example is designed to craft effective copy that sells.

And with just a little practice and trial and error, you now have the tools to create copy simply and quickly.

So lets get started…

The Formulas

Every good copywriter needs to now the basics of copywriting used to attract the readers attention:

  1. Promise a benefit
  2. Make an offer
  3. Share valuable company and industry news.

Fo you to get started writing your own copy we have designed step-by-step formulas with examples that follow so you can start creating copy within minutes.

Formula #1:

When promising a benefit the formula you want to use is: A verb + desirable quality and the name of the business = a benefit headline.

Take a look at this example:

Reduce your car payment in half by refinancing with Cheap Al’s Auto.

Lets break down this copy:

Verb – reduce

Desirable quality – car payment in half by refinancing

Name – Cheap Al’s Auto

Here’a another version:

Cut your car payment in half with Cheap Al’s Auto.

Verb – cut

Desirable quality – car payment in half

Name – Cheap Al’s Auto

The second example is quite clever because it tells you everything you need to know except the deal. Therefore, a reader will have to either visit Cheap Al’s website or call for more information. Even if the reader just inquires there’s a very good opportunity for Cheap Al’s to get a possible sale or an mail address.


Formula #2:

If you are making an offer then you’ll want to use this formula: State the offer or present offer + the specifics (name of the business or location).

Check out this example:

Save 30% on snow tires at Tucker Tire.

Here is another example:

Purchase three tires before May 17th and get the fourth tire FREE.

Make the offer or present offer – Purchase three tires

Specifics – May 17th

Benefit – the fourth tire FREE

As is shown above, this formula works very well if the offer presides a free item to the customer.

Formula #3:

If you have new information or things that might interest your readers then use this formula: Promise a reward + meaningful news = Information they value. People appreciate news or information about issues and things that interest them. Your goal is to appeal to the reader and enrich them with information they can use.


If you act today, Wall Street veteran Ed Brown will share with you, three money-making stocks ideas!

1) The offer – Wall Street veteran Ed Brown will share with you

2) Specifics – act today

3) Result – three money-making ideas

The third formula is one of our favorite because even if your business does not have any news there is always industry news that might inspire readers to contact your business for more information. Of course, we make it a practice, and recommend, a business inform every facet of your business as often as you can.

Point to ponder…

Whether it’s you or another individual, this person must focus on creating sales copy that educates, persuades and communicates to your target market.


So what do you think? Pretty simple, huh?

As you can see anyone can start writing copy in minutes with our “How to Do Your Own  Copywriting in Minutes” formulas.

You see, if you stay put and accept or assume that business will come to you that won’t happen. NOW is the time to take what we have taught here in this tutorial and become dedicated to your copywriting practices.

If copywriting seems intimidating, trust me it’s not. I don’t know what you are doing know, but from our experience dealing with businesses, we are pretty sure it’s a lot better than what you are doing now.

Now we can’t say that our formulas are a guarantee business will explode, but if you implement all three of the formulas into your marketing strategy today your chance of success is greatly improved.

We hope you find success as you develop your copywriting skills and wish you the best.


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